Engender 2022: A living lineage

Engender is Queer Asterisk’s annual community gala. Each year, we invite the public to join us for an evening fundraiser to celebrate and sustain our vital work in the field of queer mental health. 


At this year’s gala, A Living Lineage, we will remember chosen ancestors who showed us the way, and dream into collective queer futures for those yet to come.


Do you remember the first person who sparked your authenticity to come alive? Whose existence helped you to feel, in your bones, that you could truly be who you are? Someone who expanded your sense of possibility, for yourself and the world around you? A glitch in the matrix? A Yes in a sea of No’s?


A queer life is an opening, a portal into the space of radical acceptance. When one person embodies who they really are, their life becomes a thread of endless possibility. 


Join us virtually on October 13th, 2022 as we gather the threads to create a symbol of our eternal weaving, and help us fund a future where mental health care is accessible and supportive for all queer and trans people! 


Engender 2021: A Fuller Circle

May we be held in our fullness… 


A full human experience includes ups and downs, highs and lows, gains and losses. We move through these experiences by sharing and absorbing them in community. 


Over the past year and a half, many of us have had to navigate our hardships and triumphs in isolation. We’ve been required to carry our joys and sorrows separate and apart from each other. 


This year’s Engender ceremony will create a sacred space to honor the fullness of our experience as individuals and as a community. Together, we will recognize our capacity to love in the midst of what we’ve endured. 


Engender, Queer Asterisk’s annual fundraising gala, is an offering of reflection and solidarity to the community. The event is an opportunity to come together and directly support our ongoing counseling, programs and educational trainings.


Last year’s ceremony, “Ribbons of Resilience”, harnessed hundreds of messages from online participants in support of Queer Asterisk’s growth and resilience and raised critical funds to expand our therapeutic services by 50 percent. This year, that growth has continued: 1,000 clients in 2021.


Learn about Queer Asterisk’s resilience through 2021 and co-create a moment of rest, reflection and acknowledgement of what we have been through together. 



"a fuller circle" ceremony



Join us in creating a beautiful, one of a kind circle of flowers that represent our individual and collective experiences over the past year and a half. 


Flowers are a universal way of acknowledging love, loss, celebration and transformation. During our ceremony, white flowers will be placed in colorful water to represent the experiences that we haven’t been able to share in community due to COVID-19. Over the course of time, our flowers will absorb the color, love and intention of our ceremony and blossom into a display of solidarity and support for the fullness of our human experience. 


Together, we can watch the flowers’ transformation and perhaps, our own.


EN.GEN.DER (verb)
Definition: cause or give rise to a feeling, situation, or condition.
We can engender a new freedom of expression.



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“I can’t say enough about Sorin Thomas and Queer Asterisk! Sorin took the time to partner with us and customize the presentation to include our district’s protocol and equity framework. The training was professional, interactive, relevant and very well received by our diverse audience.”