queer asterisk trainings

Our educational trainings explore diversity beyond tolerance with an emphasis on curiosity and bravery, rather than fear and shame, to foster inclusive community cultures. Our rate is $500 per hour and we recommend three-hours for the fundamentals, which include lecture and discussion.

Our Trainings

  • We provide trainings for mental health organizations, social services agencies, schools and universities, hospitals and health clinics, addiction recovery centers, etc.
  • We provide specially tailored curriculum for clinical and administrative staff
  • We provide CEU certificates for all clinicians

“I can’t say enough about Sorin Thomas and Queer Asterisk! Sorin took the time to partner with us and customize the presentation to include our district’s protocol and equity framework. The training was professional, interactive, relevant and very well received by our diverse audience.”

Our Purpose

Many professional organizations are beginning to recognize the need to better serve queer and transgender individuals and their families. But how can we actually create truly inclusive spaces for queer and trans people to show up authentically, have their experiences validated, and receive the best quality care possible? Our trainings offer a framework to better understand queer and trans identities, adapt inclusive policies and, most importantly, create a culture that is welcoming and healing for all.

We train because we want queer and transgender patients to be able to speak about their presenting problems, and not have to educate providers about the legitimacy of their identity; we want queer and transgender students to be able to learn and grow in safe and nurturing environments, not struggle under the oppressive weight of stigma, microaggressions, and bullying.

Our Pedagogy

Our professional trainings strive to create safe spaces that foster rich dialogues and facilitate a level of knowing and understanding that lectures simply cannot achieve. We include time for integration of material, through case studies and process groups, to facilitate the design and implementation of professional environments that safeguard against oppressive structures and cultures. For many, it is significant to learn this material from a team of queer and transgender educators; our lived experiences tend to ground in reality what might otherwise be considered abstract concepts.

“Our trans and non-binary community members under-access much needed services, including police and emergency care, because they fear being mis-gendered or a target of micro-aggressions and other transphobia. Queer Asterisk's Gender Awareness and Responsiveness training gives BCH staff and providers the knowledge and skill they need to better care for trans and non-binary patients. Staff have been engaged and grateful for these trainings. They also appreciate Sorin's ability to answer the awkward and difficult questions.”