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Read the Queer Asterisk feature in RSF Social Finance’s 2021 Annual Report

Listen to a conversation about Inclusion, moderated by Chuck Knapp. Participants Sorin Thomas, Anne Marie DiGiacomo, and Polly Banerjee Gallagher consider the fears and faulty premises that lead us to value some identities and marginalize others.

Read Pride Month Spotlight: Queer* Therapeutic Services, on

Use our Etiquette Guide and Glossary of Terms as a resource to explore your identities or to support LGBTQIAP+ people in your community. (PDF)

Find out how to share, ask, and use pronouns and why it’s important. –

Read the Trans Safer Sex Guide

Read interview with Sorin from the Odyssey Center

Read Embodied Conflict Resolution: The Use of Body Psychotherapy, Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy, and Aikido to Resolve Conflict amongst Adolescents by Sorin L. Thomas

Read Body of Lies: An exploration of Deceptive Strategies through Body Psychotherapy by Nora Ahmed-Kamal

Read the Transgender Resource Guide

Listen to Luca’s AAVMC podcast interview on Soundcloud

Listen to Luca and Sorin’s podcast interview with Harmony Foundation

Listen to Caring for the Queer or Transgender Person in Recovery by Luca Pax for The Harmony Foundation Blog

Listen to Trans Therapy and Community in Boulder interview with QA Directors for KGNU OutSources

Listen to I Can See Queerly Now interview with QA Directors for Beyond Risk and Back podcast

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