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Queer Asterisk’s counseling services and peer mentorship program bring together compassionate helpers with diverse areas of expertise to strengthen and support our community.


Thank you for your interest in counseling services at Queer Asterisk. 

As of September 1, 2023 we are now accepting new inquiries for individual, relationship, and family counseling

Please submit an inquiry through our Contact Page, and we will respond within 2-3 business days.

Meet our team

Queer Asterisk counseling services are queer informed and affirming with an emphasis on queer resilience and vitality. We accept Medicaid and Medicare, and most private insurance providers. Our out-of-pocket rate is $150 per 50-minute session. We offer a sliding scale as well as full and partial scholarships.

our services:

  • We work with children, adolescents, and adults
  • We see individuals, groups of all configurations, and families
  • We specialize in gender-affirming treatment of dysphoria, trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, grief and loss.
  • We utilize strengths-based, person-centered, trauma-informed, and evidence-based treatment modalities
  • We see individuals, groups of all configurations, and families. Check out our therapy groups here.  

“Receiving mental health services from Queer Asterisk has been life-changing. From the moment I sent the first email inquiring about services, I felt held and respected by their thoughtful, inclusive staff. In a day and age where fear and intolerance can run rampant, Queer Asterisk is a beacon of hope, showing what the best of humanity has to offer the LGBTQIA+ community.”


our approaches

Contemplative therapy is grounded in the notion of “brilliant sanity.” This means that we all have within us a natural dignity and wisdom. Our basic nature is characterized by clarity, openness and compassion. This wisdom may be temporarily covered over, but is nonetheless there and may be cultivated. Contemplative psychotherapists are trained to recognize sanity within even the most confused and distorted states of mind and strive to nurture this sanity in themselves and in their clients. -Grace Ballard

Transpersonal therapy supports the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Somatic therapy uses sensation, movement, and creative expression to connect with our body’s innate wisdom.

Wilderness and Canine/Equine therapy incorporates a co-therapist(s) such as a tree, dog or horse to explore and deepen relationships with self and other, human and the rest of nature.

Feminist therapy focuses on individual and social change; it exists to empower those who feel silenced or oppressed by majority cultures in society by honoring and elevating their voices. Feminist therapy is based on the understanding that individuals are affected by and struggle with societal norms and must learn to look to themselves as the experts in their own unique identity. This is accomplished by reframing problems in the context of societal views, rather than as a result of personal behavior.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and the development of coping strategies.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) provides skills to improve mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. This approach is designed to specifically assist individuals in better managing behaviors, emotions and thoughts.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) relieves psychological stress by reprocessing traumatic events, which may be connected to sensory information that is triggered uncontrollably.

what we do

Queer Asterisk counselors are post-graduate and licensed mental health professionals from diverse backgrounds, all of whom identify as queer and/or transgender. Our team specializes in gender-affirming treatment of body dysphoria, trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction recovery, grief and loss.
  • We provide a queer-informed framework
  • We offer individualized, trauma-informed care
  • We utilize mindfulness & embodiment practices
  • We emphasized queer resilience and vitality
  • We offer individual, group, relationship and family counseling
  • We work with children, adolescents, and adults
In 2017, we were proud to serve over a hundred clients, ages 4 to 65, with whom our counselors addressed a myriad of issues; everything from developing coping strategies for anxiety and depression to healing trauma, processing dysphoria, engaging in family therapy, discussing gender-affirming treatment options, and designing comprehensive self care plans.
Our counseling team utilizes strengths-based, person-centered, trauma-informed, and evidence-based treatment modalities. Queer Asterisk counselors come from diverse backgrounds with specializations in queer theory; mindfulness and embodiment practices; body safe, sex-positive, and relationship affirming treatment; multiculturalism and social justice advocacy. Find out more about our Counselors


Our licensed counselors also offer queer-informed supervision to clinicians in private practice.

Read more about our supervisors.

" I needed help for a friend. The people I spoke to here helped immediately. They were so incredibly friendly and compassionate. Actual words: ‘No matter what, we will get your friend the help he needs today.’ I cannot speak more highly of them. I haven’t felt so completely taken care of in a very long time."


our approach

Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based approach to supporting self-efficacy and developing an intrinsic motivation for change.

Peer mentors listen compassionately, provide fabulous companionship, and lend their expertise in everything from makeup to mindfulness practice.

Read more about our peer mentors.

We have offices in Denver, Boulder, and Longmont. Additionally, we can provide Telehealth for Colorado state residents only.

All of our offices are accessible by public transportation, but not all of our offices are wheelchair accessible. If you have specific accessibility needs, please contact us.