Internship at Queer Asterisk

Interns at Queer Asterisk engage in a transformative clinical internship, developing and refining their counseling skills within a nurturing and affirming environment for queer and trans individuals. Our diverse team recognizes the value of counselors’ lived experiences and varied identities as assets in delivering exceptional services. Interns are encouraged to draw on their own lived experiences as queer and trans-informed counselors, fostering connections with clients across a spectrum of similarities and differences. 

Interns work with a spectrum of clients under the queer umbrella, addressing concerns such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, gender identity, religious trauma, substance use and more. Additionally, counselors support clients seeking increased self-awareness, identity development, empowerment, and personal growth. Interns are expected to carry a caseload of 10-12 clients and are comprised of individuals, relationships, groups, youth and adults.  

Ongoing training and supervision are provided through a person-centered and strengths-based framework, giving intern tools to develop a solid foundation for their professional journey. Collaborative consultations with fellow queer and transgender counselors-in-training enrich the learning experience, creating a dynamic and queer space for personal and professional growth. Additionally, interns receive weekly individual or triadic supervision, further enhancing their support and guidance as they navigate their clinical roles. 

Length: 9-12 months (12 months strongly preferred)  

Application Window

Queer Asterisk will accept applications during the following timeframes: 

February 1st– April 15th (internships beginning in May or August)  

September 1st – November 15th (internships beginning in January)  

Application Materials:

Send to 


Qualified applicants are enrolled in a master’s or PhD level counseling or social work program and have had some previous face-to-face clinical counseling experience.

Application Process:

Qualified applicants will be invited to a virtual hour-long group interview. Strong candidates may be invited to a second individual interview.  


  • Virtual counseling 
  • Virtual groups 
  • In-person groups 

Collegiate partnerships:

We host master’s level social work and counselors-in-training enrolled at Naropa University, Denver University, University of Colorado Denver, University of Northern Colorado, Adams State, Regis University, Louisiana State University, Simmons, Purdue, New York University, University of Northern Colorado, Rutgers and more.