peer mentorship

Peer mentorship is a donation-based, one-on-one connection with another queer or trans community member. Mentor sessions are an opportunity to engage around shared interests, identities and experiences, in a supportive container.

Examples of peer mentorship support include:

  • Identity exploration
  • Goal setting
  • Social skills
  • Personal growth
  • Common interests
  • Fashion / Clothing
  • Spirituality
  • Outdoor activities
  • Community events
  • Connection to queer community

our approach

Mentorship sessions are based around curiosity, mutuality and authentic relating. Mentors can lend their expertise in everything from makeup to mindfulness practice – to support their mentees’ growth and transformation.

Our mentors are volunteer community members and have an opportunity to participate in a variety of trainings here at Queer Asterisk. Mentors are required to pass a background check and are provided with supervision on a regular basis. 

getting started

We are not currently accepting new inquiries for peer mentorship at this time. If you would like to receive a notification from us when we are open for new intakes please email


Our mentorship program is donation based ($20 per session suggested), though no one is turned away for lack of funds.

(Write “peer mentorship” in the notes section)

Thank you for supporting the peer mentorship program!


Should I request a peer mentor?

If you want somebody to connect with another queer community member who is interested in listening, sharing their experience and giving compassionate support, you might want to start working with a mentor. 

Peer mentors at Queer Asterisk can help you set goals for yourself, explore gender & sexuality identities, share community resources and much more!


What happens during a peer mentorship session?

Typically, you will meet with your mentor for an hour. You could meet over the phone, on Zoom, or in-person, depending on what works for both of you. Your peer mentor could also join you for activities, like going clothes shopping or going to a doctor’s appointment. 

Peer mentors are there to talk about how your week is going, share stories from their own life experiences, and become an ongoing, supportive presence in your life.


What is the difference between peer mentorship and therapy?

 Therapy is a professional clinical service, where clients work on a treatment plan to address an area in their life that they are struggling with or want to improve. Clients may begin therapy to get help with gender dysphoria, trauma recovery, relationships, family issues, coping with grief, depression, anxiety, or addictions.

Peer mentorship is a connection with a trained community member who has similar life experiences, identities, and/or interests. Mentees may begin mentorship to get support practicing skills they are working on in therapy, to gain more social connection, to build friendship with other queer and trans people, or simply to have someone to talk to regularly who cares about their well-being. 

 Mentorship is not an adequate substitute for therapy, especially for folks going through acute crisis or heightened emotional instability, but can be a great supplemental support in conjunction with individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric support, etc. It is up to the discretion of the program supervisor to determine whether or not mentorship is an appropriate fit depending on the needs of the individual. 


Do you have mentors under the age of 18?

Currently, we do not have peer mentors under the age of 18, but have made successful connections between teen mentees and young adult mentors. We also offer a weekly support group for teens called Queer Conversation.


How often do mentors typically meet?

Mentors and mentees typically meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on what works best for both of your schedules and needs. We recommend meeting at least once a month.


What is the cost for mentorship?

Our mentorship program is donation based ($20 per session suggested), though no one is turned away for lack of funds. Donations can be made here.  Write “peer mentorship” in the note section.  

Peer mentors

Ada Wolfsbane

Peer Mentor

Heather Gothard

Peer Mentor

Katie Duff

Peer Mentor

Luna Peacecroft

Peer Mentor

Maple Colburn

Peer Mentor

Río Amani

Peer Mentor

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Spencer/Huda Bowie

Peer Mentor

“My child is more confident and shares more with me about their identity, since they started meeting with you. Thank you for supporting them!”